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The most numerous and prolific of all Tulips, Triumph Tulips are a beauty to behold!  Triumph tulips are noted for their many attributes, among them: color, variety, diversity, and tenacity in the face of challenging weather conditions.  Strong, sturdy, and ohh so beautiful, Triumph Tulips are the gold standard of the tulipafamily.  So many to choose from…some of our favorites are: “Lucky Strike”, “Carnaval de Rio”, and “Ile de France”.
Negrita Tulips
Rounded and slightly ruffled, Negrita Tulips offer royal purple blooms that continue to be one of the top choices for Tulip gardeners around the world. Beautiful planted alone, the rich and saturated color of Negrita blooms also pair beautifully with blooms in lighter shades of purple, or white. Try along with Inzell for an unparalleled display!
  • Quick Stats
  • Tulip Spacing
  • Planting Info
  • Name:Negrita  - Triumph Tulip
    Type:Fall Planted Bulb
    Bulb Size:12+, largest size commercially available
    Mature Height:18-20 inches
    Sun / Shade:Sun & Partial Shade
    Bloom Time:March / April
    Hardiness Zones:3 - 8
  • Square
    # of Bulbs (Dense) # of Bulbs (Moderate)
    5 30 25
    10 60 50
    15 90 75
    20 120 100
    25 150 125
    30 180 150
    40 240 200
    50 300 250
    60 360 300
    70 420 350
    80 480 400
    90 540 450
    100 600 500
  • Planting Your Tulip Bulbs:

    1.   When to Plant Tulip Bulbs

    Tulips are a fall-planted, spring-blooming flower bulb, and can be planted in most regions of the USA from September through the early winter months.  As a general rule of thumb, your tulip bulbs can be planted anytime the air is cool and the ground is not yet frozen.  If you can dig in the dirt, you can plant tulips!


    2.  Choosing Your Site

    Tulips bulbs are versatile and tenacious, and as such, can be planted successfully just about anywhere.  When choosing your site, search out a sunny spot with well-drained soil if possible.  Tulips can tolerate some shade, but it’s best not to plant them in or near a densely wooded area.


    3.  The Planting Process

    Have no fear: planting tulip bulbs is one of the easiest gardening chores imaginable!  No heavy or costly equipment is needed;  nor is the work particularly strenuous.  It is important however, to get the bulbs in the ground quickly after arrival, as they will grow moldy if left idle and unplanted.

    Simply take a trowel or small shovel and dig a hole between 6 to 9 inches deep depending on the size of the bulb.  Place the tulip bulb into the hole, making sure that the top (the pointy section) is always facing up.  Once in place, simply cover the bulb with soil and tamp it in firmly with your hands or feet.  Depending on your desired effect, place the bulbs around 4 – 6 inches apart.  It’s always helpful to lightly sprinkle your tulip bulbs just after planting if possible, but be sure not to drown them in puddles of water.


    4.  Tulip Maintenance & Care

    The best news of all is that once planted, tulip bulbs require little to no care.  With the exception of drought conditions, tulips do not require watering or any other particular pampering after planting.  After the bloom cycle in spring, simply deadhead any remaining foliage. 


    Helpful Tip: Though not technically perennials, tulips will routinely “come back” for several years after being planted.  However, the bloom cycles are usually irregular, and depend chiefly on soil and weather conditions.  If your intention is to enjoy your tulips each season, we recommend planting each fall to ensure a healthy, vibrant, and consistent explosion of color each spring. 


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